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Track Name: Come Back For More
It always gets worse. Do I deserve to drag my thoughts right thru the dirt? Everything that makes me work is out the door, and if you ever want to come back for more: I’ll do it again, but I’ll only do it worse.
Track Name: Harder On You
Strive to connect. Dying to get thru. Communication gets harder. It’s time somebody gets hard on you.
Track Name: Move Thru Me
It’s about time you break me in and push me into the deep end. Been walking the fence of emotion. I need that super-motion. Keep me from falling asleep; a body that’s stupid and weak. Don’t need that safe and sound, just flip my world. Let me feel it all go down.

Move Thru Me. Be everything I see. Move Thru Me. Make my head ring.

It’s about time you fix my head or let me go in pieces. Been walking the fence of emotion, I need that super-motion. Just keep me from falling asleep. Giving me mind, giving me time, pushing out the walls from the inside.

Move Thru Me. Be what I bleed. Move Thru Me. Make my head ring.
Track Name: Fuck Me Blind
No more sex. No more love. No more kissy kiss. No more fuck. No more gay. No more straight. No more fucking rules. No more hate. Fuck me. Fuck me blind. Touch me. Touch me blind. No more him. No more her. No more stupid games. No more words. No more law. No more names. No more skin. No more pain. We can wash it away. We can wash it all away.