Rock The Fuck On Forever

by Angel Du$t

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released May 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Pop Wig Records Maryland

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Track Name: Toxic Boombox
makes me sick. this shit don't rock. toxic boombox. can't give me back my time.
Track Name: Ready 2 Receive U
it's been a long time. i'm gonna go, i'm gonna make you mine. i said i'm ready to receive you. my soul is turning black. there's no coming back.
Track Name: Stay
did a real bad thing. i went and lost my only one, and now you haunt me in my dreams. i'm filling up with so much regret i'm busting at the seams. it seems to me that you don't mind when i'm losing my mind. why won't you stay? stay my baby. what did i do so wrong? i thought i was your only one, but you're not dreaming about me. i hope you're filled with so much regret that you bust at the seams. still i want you bad. i think i’ll die if you don't come back. i’m alone, nowhere to go. i need a friend now you told me that you would stay until the end.
Track Name: Upside Down
slow death. feel so good for now. knowing you turn me inside out. you turn me upside down. breaking. already know by now love would turn me inside out and flip me upside down. we'll clean the mess you made tomorrow. don't worry your big old pretty eyes. everything is going to be alright. i feel safe inside you.
Track Name: Hurt You Bad
make you hurt. i'm gonna make you hurt. break my heart 'til i go berserk. i'm gonna make you hurt. hurt you bad. hurt all the feelings that you ever had. i'm gonna hurt you bad. not sorry, gonna make you hurt. hurt you bad. gonna make you wish that you never had. i'm gonna hurt you bad.
Track Name: Bad Thing
take me everywhere you want to go. i can be your suitcase, nobody has to know. i'm addicted to a real bad thing now. got a real bad thing going to take me out. take me all the way to the edge. tuck me into my deathbed. make me yours until the end.
Track Name: Rectify
boy you must have bumped your head. saying those things i heard you said. now i know you lost your mind acting how you do all the time. gonna rectify. time to rectify. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 now rectify. now i know your screws are loose. acting up the way you do. now i know you've lost your mind and you don't want to rectify.
Track Name: Deep Love
time, i'm losing mine. think about you and i cry. i think about you in me deep. i'm falling deep. dream about you in my dreams. dream about you in me deep. what would you do if i fell into you? would you return my love? return my love
Track Name: Headstone
what's it gonna say on my headstone? what's it gonna say on my grave? what you gonna tell 'em at my wake? your memories keep spinning in my head. play it loud until i’m dead. let it out inside a tune. let me go down inside a tune.
Track Name: Twist N Shout
i don't ask very much in life. don't be afraid to lose control on the floor tonight. with you i want to. i want to twist and shout. i want to twist now. i’m too tired to scream and yell and fight. no i don't want to lose your love tonight. tonight i want to. you better be good, you better let it go.
Track Name: Somebody Else
sick of my skin, i'm wearing thin. i hate myself, everybody wants to be somebody else. lost my cool trying to be like you.
Track Name: Stranger Things
not so strange to me. i've seen you in my dreams. right where you've always been hidden like a memory. come close, let me carry your load. know me now. feel me from the inside out. give me all your hopes and dreams and doubts